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okay, today my car battery died and my wallet went missing (still haven't found it). on the plus side, I got a ticket to see Murder City Devils on Wednesday, but with absolutely the last bit of money I have til Friday. I'm working way too hard to be living hand to mouth like this. then again, it's positively leisurely compared to, say, Jessica (seriously dear, quit one of your jobs).
today a lady asked me for a baby seal costume, and when I said we didn't have one she asked if I was sure repeatedly, like after working there for a year and a half I wouldn't know. there are way too many small indignities in customer service like that for me, because I'm really bad at just letting them go. I'm sick of strangers talking to me like I'm a fucking idiot, or thinking it's okay to tear everything out of their packages and throw it on the floor, like nobody else is going to buy it. I tell you, grant people a little bit of anonymity and most of them turn into animals.
anyways, I'm working full-time again, which I was told to definitely not expect, so I committed myself to making an album with Mike, which is going quite well when we can find the time to get together to record it, in addition to the Evangelist album. Chris is driving me crazy. in January he wanted to scrap all the drum tracks and rerecord them after we couldn't get a sound we liked, and he just left me a message today saying he's getting ready to give up on it wholesale. like we haven't been slaving away at it every week since the fall. see, the thing is I'm seeing progress every time we actually sit down and work on it, and it sounds really clean and really aggressive at the same time, and just about everyone that hears it digs it. not that they'd say it sucks to our face, but I'm definitely getting a better reaction than the standard smile-and-nod.
but there's always some detail he just can't stand about it. and he's always all over the place, stopping work on the kick drum half-way through to fiddle with the guitars, or printing compression or EQ to the tracks without writing the settings down (I could just kill him for that last one).
anyways, the point is when we heard the original tracks we were SO STOKED about how great they sound, and there's a really good record in there somewhere, but it's going to take us several tries to find it because we're beginners at this. and it's taking us way longer because we can only get in there like ten hours a week, usually not at the same time so the left hand never knows what the right is doing, and it's going to take like 200 more hours to finish it up anyway. I think (and hope) he's really just being a drama queen. which is such a bad idea, because I'm the last guy you want to turn to to talk you down off the window ledge.

on the other hand, I had wonderful days Saturday and Sunday. on Saturday Mike and I got up at 5:30 to record the last of the guitar tracks for his record, then I had a lovely lunch with Anna in the U District, went home and slept, went to a birthday party at Ashley's house, then went to Lee's going-away party at Jason Schimmel's house, which was one of the funniest and most amusing parties I've ever been to. it was great.

I'm so pissed off about my wallet right now, though.
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