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within the last hour I've heard If I Told You Once by Circus Contraption and Drunken Doughboy by The Bad Things for the first times, and then the second and third times. go be amazed with me.

P.S. who wants to see the last Circus Contraption show with me sometime in April? or The Melvins and Green fucking River on May 22nd or 23rd? they're both in the $20 range, but they're way too essential to miss. also, Cattle Decapitation the day after tomorrow. oh, and The Bad Things on April 4th. I need to find a companion to that one STAT, as I'm pretty sure it will be selling out shortly.

P.P.S. drinking and playing darts with Jessica is fun. having her supervisor grab your hands and put them on her boobs isn't, but whatever.

P.P.P.S. right now I'm at the very beginning of having less free time than ever before, but at the moment I'm feeling very exhilarated by having fun with my awesome friends, so it's a good time to call me.
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