a sheep in wolf's clothing (chaosfromorder) wrote,
a sheep in wolf's clothing

ahhh, had the kind of night tonight I used to always feel compelled to write about. mostly, I just hung out for a long time with a bunch of awesome people.
I've been either at work or working on the albums so much that I just come home to crash, and I need so much sleep because I never sleep through the night - I figure it takes me like twelve hours to get eight hours worth of sleep. but that makes me antsy because I never go out to parties or shows or anything I'll look back fondly on years from now.
anyway, James and Crystal and their housemates have a noise band called Dr. Jones and I went to see them at the Blue Moon, and Alicia and Phil were there, and Mike and JP Nielsen, and Taylor showed up for a while, and Pearson was even there but just for the blink of an eye, and I met this lesbian metalhead named Jamie who really digs folk metal and seemed very awesome. and there was this girl, Katie Shell, who's a very interesting case. I met her at the Mortal Kombat II party. she's very vibrant and open and creative and fun and sweet (and affectionate. definitely affectionate), but there's something else at work there I can't quite put my finger on, which makes me suspicious of it . . . but she seems to like me well enough to tell me so, and remembered from the one other time we met two months ago that I love Opeth, so I like her.
Phil is a guy I never see enough of. he's about as solid and smart and easy to get along with as anybody, but we never connect except by accident, which wouldn't bother me so much if he didn't have his heart set on moving to Peru within a year.
and Alicia. she may well read this. Hail Satan! I always miss her when she's out of town, even though I don't always have anything to say to or do with her when she's right in front of me. even when that happens, it's just nice to be in her presence.
oh, and Jason got drunk and ranted for maybe four or five minutes straight about how he is an asshole. it was hilarious. he's really funny when he's drunk.
so is James. he started a mosh to one of the bands' jams and smashed a table that two lesbian couples had their drinks on with his forehead and broke a couple of glasses. nice.

on an unrelated note, I've been rewiring some of my guitars by myself. the results have been mostly positive, but I haven't had anything that I'd call and unqualified success yet. which is bad, because I'm so impatient and I just want it to work the way I want it to right fucking now, but of course it's not like that. it takes a lot of time, and I'm pretty sure I'm using the soldering iron wrong because the tips keep melting, and there are so many variables (am I using the best wiring configuration? the right volume pots? the right tone pots? the right tone capacitors? the right wire?), it's on my mind a lot because I just want to get it right so I can play my fucking guitar.
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