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haven't really posted here since Dave quit Evangelist, after the Bloodhag/Doomhawk show. obviously, much has happened. I was really fucked up about him quitting for a while, but I'm not anymore. I hate customers, have upgraded by P-Bass's pickups and bought a 5-string, and have been practicing more, working on the Evangelist album and an album I'm recording with/for Mike, and lately I've been having issues with money. there have been some fun concerts in there, too. I saw Green River, for instance. and I was dressed like a zombie in Belltown to ring in the new year. last week I saw Wah-Wah Exit Wound open for A Gun That Shoots Knives, which was fun because I'm the one that told those bands about each other. James and Crystal came with me, and James drank himself sick, which is the first time I've seen that happen in nine or so years of knowing him. and I've gotten to know the drummer from Estradasphere, which is very interesting because I was listening to that band a year or two before I knew they moved to Seattle. he's a great guy, but he'll be moving back to California soon. there's an interesting story about meeting the guitarist from Estradasphere in the Blue Moon, which I'm afraid will have to wait. I'm practicing more and more, and trying really hard to get some of the ideas for my own music projects to crystalize. writing songs is very difficult for me. writing little snatches of music is easy, but turning them into something . . .
I've been spending more time with Mike, and with James and Crystal, which is pleasing, but my life will never be perfect without a little more Jessica or Cailin in it. we're all busy little bees, though. everyone I know is struggling desperately to get by. nearly everyone I know is slaving away the prime of their lives at a low-paying job they don't care about with little or no hope of advancement, even the ones with college degrees. something's wrong here.
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