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Monday, January 11th, 2010
2:17 pm
Evangelist are going to open for Nile

Current Mood: total disbelief

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Sunday, November 29th, 2009
12:57 am
quote of the day
"yes, why don't I scurry down to the local blacksmith and ask him to forge me a condom?"

runner up (on overcoming a phobia): "just take a deep breath and do it. same way I got over my fear of getting bit by poisonous snakes."

mannnnn, I've been meaning to update this thing for so long . . .

Current Mood: drunk

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Thursday, September 24th, 2009
12:06 am
didn't see Pearl Jam last night, highly unlikely to see Alice in Chains tomorrow night.
broke as fuck and working all the time.
fuck . . . so much going on, and when I'm at work, I totally want to sit down and type out every thought that crosses my mind, but when I actually have the chance . . . I'm gonna go play piano and watch Donnie Darko again.

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Wednesday, September 16th, 2009
12:29 am
I'll be 26 in an hour.
have been feeling bad about it, but went to show tonight with Brandon (Fitzsimmons, from Wormwood) and talking with him made me feel better.
also, during the show Spencer Moody danced with me, and Jenn Ghetto chatted me up outside afterward. two musical superheroes to me from high school with whom I was far too nervous to strike up a conversation (which doesn't happen to me often - it's how I became friends with Brandon, after all). not a bad start. in fact, the only thing that could possibly have made it better would have been Jessica's sausage. Jenn Ghetto has another show lined up for next Thursday anyway, so maybe then, eh?
hopefully I'll post a lot more soon. working full time right now, though, so I don't know. have a lot of thoughts I would like to chronicle here, though.

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Wednesday, July 22nd, 2009
11:25 pm
augh, why can't I get anybody to pick up the phone, what the fuck?!?!?!?

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Wednesday, July 15th, 2009
1:12 am
did you see Ichiro mooning over Obama?  that was priceless.

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Tuesday, July 14th, 2009
9:20 pm
man, there have been a lot of ups and downs these last few weeks, and I was getting really frustrated at my inability to get a hold of and see almost everyone I know on a regular basis. but after announcing this album release, Crystal S, Danisha, Jenisa, and Katie P have all got back in touch, which pleases me immensely.

for the moment.

man, the people who came into work today for Harry Potter stuff have to be some of the most monumentally stupid people I've ever come across. it was amazing.

P.S. go watch Auto-Tune the News on YouTube. trust me.

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Tuesday, July 7th, 2009
8:14 pm

last week I finished mixing Mike's album! we'll all hear how it sounds after mastering . . . soon . . .
and I saw Jason Webley for the millionth time, got drunk at James and Crystal's for one of the last times, ran into Karin on both occasions, saw Andru Bemis with Jessica (with whom I hardly got to speak, but it was nice enough just being there with her), and argued with my parents.

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Sunday, May 31st, 2009
1:24 am
sometimes bizarre things happen to me
after work today I went down to the rehearsal space, but I was hungry so I decided to stop at Fred Meyer's to get food, and I was sleepy so I decided to take a nap in the car real quick after I found a shady space to park. and I did, for about fifteen minutes, before I was awoken by an older gentleman playing bagpipes on the sidewalk by my car. he was surrounded by maybe five or six other men in their late fifties or early sixties. I really don't like bagpipes, so I was like "fuck this" and got out of the car to go get my food, and like twenty seconds after I got out of the car he stopped playing, and one of them men turned to the others and said "well, I think we've succeeded," and they put the bagpipes in the trunk of an old white car and walked away.
explain that.

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Saturday, May 23rd, 2009
9:52 pm
folklife is love
I heart circus freaks and rail punks.

but I am so badly out of practice on the guitar. it is horrible. an abomination before god and man. seriously.

The Melvins and Green River last night was so very great. I'd been feeling sick the entire week, up til the point Green River took the stage. they healed me.

I have awesome friends.

and I have a bazillion pages to read for class.

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Friday, May 15th, 2009
1:41 am
PaganFest tonight
FUCKING AWESOME. folk metal forever, fuckers. for real.

actually, this whole week I've been spending a lot of time with a lot of people of whom I'm very, very fond and don't see enough. and getting to know a few very pretty classmates. and honey.moon.tree's show on Tuesday was gorgeous.

P.S. GO LISTEN TO OAKHELM. especially As the Murder Flies. your ears will thank you.

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Friday, April 10th, 2009
11:22 pm
soooooooo, I've taken to leaving my phone at home when I'm just going to school and work because I can't have it with me either place.

today I get home and check my phone and Emily S has left a text saying she has a plus one to the X show tonight and do I want to come with.

I may never stop hating myself for that one.

also, tomorrow I have to hold down the costume department by myself, and it's the day before all the fucking bloody passion plays, AND I'll get the last-minute Insecure-a-con and NorWesCon shoppers, who last year were total monsters, not to mention the usual Saturday parade of freaks.

and I have to decide whether I can fix my Les Paul and my laptop by myself (basically it comes down to whether or not I have the time, because it will take a lot of time, and whether I think I can REALLY figure out what's going on), or if I have to save up to have the professionals rescue them.

the mixes on both records are sounding VERY close, but still a little boomy and muddy. I want to go sharpen them up, but between work and school I won't be able to til next weekend.

on the plus side, Xavier Frost came into the store today so I got to give him Evangelist's info in person (as opposed to e-mailing him, which I'd been putting off forever), and he seemed receptive.

check today was bigger than I expected, thanks in part to the new tax code I believe. I will have juuuuuust enough to live off of after getting an oil change, a book I need for school, tickets to the Melvins and Circus Contraption, and a new guitar cable and new wire for the inside of my Les Paul (assuming I don't have a pro fix it).

then I'll just have to get my big bass cabinet repaired (that one I couldn't figure out by myself), get professional earplugs like I've been promising Mom for like three years now (which reminds me, I've been needing my wisdom teeth out for about the same amount of time), and a chromatic tuning pedal. THEN I can start saving for keyboards.

I still need to do my damn taxes. maybe on Easter.

oh! and I've decided to get SHSTL to finally move to Seattle when they get back from their current tour. if they don't, I'm starting one or another of my own musical projects that I've been kicking around in my head and notebooks for a while now. Bobby's in Evangelist for the long haul, it seems, which is awesome, but he MUST be TOTALLY serious at ALL times, and I really can't. the goofball impulse is far too strong for me to fight, even if I wanted to. which I really, really don't.

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Wednesday, April 1st, 2009
8:47 pm
today's lesson: you just can't rely on anybody these days
if you want to know what mixing the Evangelist record is like, it's like this: last week Chris was going to be working on it alone for two days, so I got together with him and listened to the whole thing and filled up four pages of notes on what was working and what was fine, and we agreed that the kick drum and guitars on nearly every track still needed tweaking, as well as a few other things here and there, but Forever and Sentenced sounded great, and except for bringing up the snare a little, we should put a lid on them.
I didn't talk to him again until he calls me this morning, and I asked him what he worked on, and he said he spent the entire time on Sentenced redoing the processing on the guitars and kick-drum from scratch. WHAT THE FUCK. I think he's been going through a rough patch with his wife so I didn't tear his throat out, but I wanted to. apparently he was listening to The Field on his crappy-ass car stereo and thought that track sounded better, although it's sounded quantifiably worse on every boom box and stereo I've heard it through.
he is so completely random, though. I'll listen to a mix and say something like "everything sounds great except the snare drum needs to be punchier" and leave the room for five minutes and come back and he'll be adjusting the compression on the bass guitar. it's maddening.
really think we can get the record mixed by the end of April, though. we were like 65-70% done at the beginning of March, and the goal was to get it 90-95% done by the end of the month, which I believe it is, but I'm back at school and the Costume Shop keeps scheduling me for more hours than I want or than they tell me I'm going to get, which makes things even more complicated.

spending money too fast. my last one is mostly spoken for, almost entirely in stuff for my Les Paul. will have to wait till next paycheck for Circus Contraption and Melvins/Green River tickets, but I'm totally going to both of those.

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Tuesday, March 31st, 2009
10:42 pm
awesome music is free on the internet
within the last hour I've heard If I Told You Once by Circus Contraption and Drunken Doughboy by The Bad Things for the first times, and then the second and third times. go be amazed with me.

P.S. who wants to see the last Circus Contraption show with me sometime in April? or The Melvins and Green fucking River on May 22nd or 23rd? they're both in the $20 range, but they're way too essential to miss. also, Cattle Decapitation the day after tomorrow. oh, and The Bad Things on April 4th. I need to find a companion to that one STAT, as I'm pretty sure it will be selling out shortly.

P.P.S. drinking and playing darts with Jessica is fun. having her supervisor grab your hands and put them on her boobs isn't, but whatever.

P.P.P.S. right now I'm at the very beginning of having less free time than ever before, but at the moment I'm feeling very exhilarated by having fun with my awesome friends, so it's a good time to call me.

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Monday, March 30th, 2009
1:31 am
ahhh, had the kind of night tonight I used to always feel compelled to write about. mostly, I just hung out for a long time with a bunch of awesome people.
I've been either at work or working on the albums so much that I just come home to crash, and I need so much sleep because I never sleep through the night - I figure it takes me like twelve hours to get eight hours worth of sleep. but that makes me antsy because I never go out to parties or shows or anything I'll look back fondly on years from now.
anyway, James and Crystal and their housemates have a noise band called Dr. Jones and I went to see them at the Blue Moon, and Alicia and Phil were there, and Mike and JP Nielsen, and Taylor showed up for a while, and Pearson was even there but just for the blink of an eye, and I met this lesbian metalhead named Jamie who really digs folk metal and seemed very awesome. and there was this girl, Katie Shell, who's a very interesting case. I met her at the Mortal Kombat II party. she's very vibrant and open and creative and fun and sweet (and affectionate. definitely affectionate), but there's something else at work there I can't quite put my finger on, which makes me suspicious of it . . . but she seems to like me well enough to tell me so, and remembered from the one other time we met two months ago that I love Opeth, so I like her.
Phil is a guy I never see enough of. he's about as solid and smart and easy to get along with as anybody, but we never connect except by accident, which wouldn't bother me so much if he didn't have his heart set on moving to Peru within a year.
and Alicia. she may well read this. Hail Satan! I always miss her when she's out of town, even though I don't always have anything to say to or do with her when she's right in front of me. even when that happens, it's just nice to be in her presence.
oh, and Jason got drunk and ranted for maybe four or five minutes straight about how he is an asshole. it was hilarious. he's really funny when he's drunk.
so is James. he started a mosh to one of the bands' jams and smashed a table that two lesbian couples had their drinks on with his forehead and broke a couple of glasses. nice.

on an unrelated note, I've been rewiring some of my guitars by myself. the results have been mostly positive, but I haven't had anything that I'd call and unqualified success yet. which is bad, because I'm so impatient and I just want it to work the way I want it to right fucking now, but of course it's not like that. it takes a lot of time, and I'm pretty sure I'm using the soldering iron wrong because the tips keep melting, and there are so many variables (am I using the best wiring configuration? the right volume pots? the right tone pots? the right tone capacitors? the right wire?), it's on my mind a lot because I just want to get it right so I can play my fucking guitar.

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Monday, March 9th, 2009
12:19 am
just got home from 14 hours at rehearsal space. will be taking classes next month, so am trying to get both albums I'm working on near completion before then. work keeps on giving me more hours than they say they're going to, which I'm too broke to turn my nose up at, but I don't know where I'm going to find the time to finish the work that needs to be done, not to mention keeping up with practice on my three instruments and writing and learning new music for Evangelist and myself.
I keep thinking of people I want to get back in touch with but I just don't have time, and usually when I make time they don't answer. I feel like I should be out getting trashed and having delirious adventures more while I'm still in my twenties, but I am so enamored of the creature comforts staying home provides.

in other news, I've finally started watching Star Trek. I usually like things with a little more moral ambiguity, but it's still pretty fun.

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Friday, February 27th, 2009
11:42 pm
perhaps I should save time and just give up on piano now.

I think Mom wishes I would, but she's too supportive to come out and say it, bless her heart.

one way or the other, I'm too fucking stubborn to anyway.

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Tuesday, February 10th, 2009
12:09 am
okay, today my car battery died and my wallet went missing (still haven't found it). on the plus side, I got a ticket to see Murder City Devils on Wednesday, but with absolutely the last bit of money I have til Friday. I'm working way too hard to be living hand to mouth like this. then again, it's positively leisurely compared to, say, Jessica (seriously dear, quit one of your jobs).
today a lady asked me for a baby seal costume, and when I said we didn't have one she asked if I was sure repeatedly, like after working there for a year and a half I wouldn't know. there are way too many small indignities in customer service like that for me, because I'm really bad at just letting them go. I'm sick of strangers talking to me like I'm a fucking idiot, or thinking it's okay to tear everything out of their packages and throw it on the floor, like nobody else is going to buy it. I tell you, grant people a little bit of anonymity and most of them turn into animals.
anyways, I'm working full-time again, which I was told to definitely not expect, so I committed myself to making an album with Mike, which is going quite well when we can find the time to get together to record it, in addition to the Evangelist album. Chris is driving me crazy. in January he wanted to scrap all the drum tracks and rerecord them after we couldn't get a sound we liked, and he just left me a message today saying he's getting ready to give up on it wholesale. like we haven't been slaving away at it every week since the fall. see, the thing is I'm seeing progress every time we actually sit down and work on it, and it sounds really clean and really aggressive at the same time, and just about everyone that hears it digs it. not that they'd say it sucks to our face, but I'm definitely getting a better reaction than the standard smile-and-nod.
but there's always some detail he just can't stand about it. and he's always all over the place, stopping work on the kick drum half-way through to fiddle with the guitars, or printing compression or EQ to the tracks without writing the settings down (I could just kill him for that last one).
anyways, the point is when we heard the original tracks we were SO STOKED about how great they sound, and there's a really good record in there somewhere, but it's going to take us several tries to find it because we're beginners at this. and it's taking us way longer because we can only get in there like ten hours a week, usually not at the same time so the left hand never knows what the right is doing, and it's going to take like 200 more hours to finish it up anyway. I think (and hope) he's really just being a drama queen. which is such a bad idea, because I'm the last guy you want to turn to to talk you down off the window ledge.

on the other hand, I had wonderful days Saturday and Sunday. on Saturday Mike and I got up at 5:30 to record the last of the guitar tracks for his record, then I had a lovely lunch with Anna in the U District, went home and slept, went to a birthday party at Ashley's house, then went to Lee's going-away party at Jason Schimmel's house, which was one of the funniest and most amusing parties I've ever been to. it was great.

I'm so pissed off about my wallet right now, though.

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Tuesday, January 20th, 2009
3:18 am
today's the day!
you know that date that's been on people's bumper stickers for the last four years? the number of days that every cover of The Stranger has been counting down till?
and if the U.S. doesn't invade Iran within the next five hours and forty minutes, I lose a five-dollar bet.

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Sunday, January 18th, 2009
10:53 pm
still alive
haven't really posted here since Dave quit Evangelist, after the Bloodhag/Doomhawk show. obviously, much has happened. I was really fucked up about him quitting for a while, but I'm not anymore. I hate customers, have upgraded by P-Bass's pickups and bought a 5-string, and have been practicing more, working on the Evangelist album and an album I'm recording with/for Mike, and lately I've been having issues with money. there have been some fun concerts in there, too. I saw Green River, for instance. and I was dressed like a zombie in Belltown to ring in the new year. last week I saw Wah-Wah Exit Wound open for A Gun That Shoots Knives, which was fun because I'm the one that told those bands about each other. James and Crystal came with me, and James drank himself sick, which is the first time I've seen that happen in nine or so years of knowing him. and I've gotten to know the drummer from Estradasphere, which is very interesting because I was listening to that band a year or two before I knew they moved to Seattle. he's a great guy, but he'll be moving back to California soon. there's an interesting story about meeting the guitarist from Estradasphere in the Blue Moon, which I'm afraid will have to wait. I'm practicing more and more, and trying really hard to get some of the ideas for my own music projects to crystalize. writing songs is very difficult for me. writing little snatches of music is easy, but turning them into something . . .
I've been spending more time with Mike, and with James and Crystal, which is pleasing, but my life will never be perfect without a little more Jessica or Cailin in it. we're all busy little bees, though. everyone I know is struggling desperately to get by. nearly everyone I know is slaving away the prime of their lives at a low-paying job they don't care about with little or no hope of advancement, even the ones with college degrees. something's wrong here.

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